It’s almost like she wants war

And if she does the fighting will soon be on her door

Forcing it’s way in if she likes or not

Because war has many casualties

Friendship, interest,  love and enjoyment

But most important, peace.


For a while she will try to fight back

To continue the very thing she started

The very thing that I have patiently being enduring

Waiting for her to grow up and stop

But as the nights grew longer & the days shorter

My patience grew thin

And as she started hacking into me about missing part of a class

I decided there and then.


War had been declared

If that’s what she wanted, I would give it to her

I will wait patiently

Working away against her slowly

Doing the things she hates, precisely

Until in her frustration and her anger

She will realise the foolishness of her ways

And reminisce over those wasted days


Her anger would turn to sadness

As she realised what she had inevitably caused

Her tears would form a pool in which she sat

Wishing away about what if she could have just changed this

Or changed that.


And so I would win.

My victory still a victory

But empty and meaningless

As I had achieved nothing through this war,

Except to express my disgust at her even more.


Whatever fragments of our relationship would be dead,

Lying cold on the ground, bullet in the head.

Other friendships would limp away

Their injuries a result of being caught and forced into the crossfire

The crossfire between two who had once been friends

But were now enemies.