The Origins of Kalista, The Spear of Vengeance


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Millennia’s ago, before the League of Legends was created, before Demacia and Noxus warred for control over Valoran, and even before the Runic Wars; there was the Empire of Shurima. Once spanning over most of the south of Valoran, centuries of internal strife, civil wars and plagues weakened the Empire and sent many of its citizens fleeing. These pioneering immigrants spread across much of the continent,  building the origins of many of the cities that still stand to this day; Demacia and Noxus included. Others even fled overseas, inhabiting the Blue Flame Island, Ionia and even the crumbling kingdom of Burian in the Feral Isles. Yet with much work and political cunning, a young prince by the name of Azir slowly rose through the ranks of the Shuriman Empire, garnering support from all those who would declare allegiance, and crushing all those that didn’t. Once Azir had consolidated his control as Emperor over all of Shurima, he turned his gaze towards those that had fled the Empire. Those that, he claimed, were still part of the Empire.



The arrow cut through the air, sinking deep into the temple of its unsuspecting victim. The now dead soldier crumpled to the ground, marinating in the blood, vomit and piss that covered the battlefield. A foot passed over him, then another and another; as a formidable looking contingent of spearmen marched through the battlefield, finishing off all those that were still alive. The purple cloaks of the spearmen stood out strikingly, in contrast to the gold lining of their amour and shields. A long blast of a war horn rang out, echoing across the battlefield, bringing the spearmen to a sudden halt.

The battle, if it ever was a battle and not just a slaughter, was over.

The spearmen suddenly drew to attention as a large canine figure strolled into sight from behind them. Clenching a large spear from which protruded some blade closely resembling a war axe, the canine individual was a fearsome sight to behold.  Once finished inspecting the carnage strewn across the battlefield, it turned back to the line of spearmen that was standing in attention in front of it.

“Officer. Give me a status report on the enemy survivors.” commanded the gruff canine voice.

A spearman on the far right flank broke away from the line, and laying down his shield and spear on the ground, kneeled and replied.

“My Lord Nasus. We have eradicated any resistance we have come upon. The enemy soldiers, though few in number, put enough of a fight to allow the women and children to escape into the Bubbling Bog. However our scouts are tracking them down now as we speak. Furt-”

“Pull the scouts back” interrupted Nasus with little hesitation.

“My Lord, my utmost desire is to obey your will; however did not the Emperor himself command all his legions, us included, to bring all Imperial citizens back to the Empire?”

“Fool! Do you dare lecture me on the will of our Emperor?”

The officer trembled where he was kneeling on the ground. He knew that his career, and possibly even his life, hanged on what he said next.

“No, my Lord. No.” replied the officer in a quivering voice. “I will send word to retract the scouts immediately.”

“Good.” replied Nasus as he turned and began to walk away, uttering a single phrase quietly under his breath.

“Enough blood has been spilt this day.”


3 Months Later


The water slapped and slurped against the wooden planks of the ship, like a sloppy wet kiss of two youngsters. A seagull perched at the bowsprit of the ship, enjoying the view and breeze as the stem of the slip sliced through the gentle waves. In the distance, the faint shapes of islands barely protruded from the horizon. Suddenly sensing movement behind it, the seagull cawed and quickly flew away as a young girl replaced its place at the bowsprit. The slicing of the waves splashed droplets of salty sea water into the young girl’s face. Sputtering from the onslaught of the droplets, the young girl wiped her face and quickly tied her raven black hair into a pony tail. Now no longer hidden by her fearsome dark hair, her gaunt face became illuminated as the rays of sunshine played across her face, highlighting her high cheek bones. She stood there for several minutes, soaking in the sunlight and rejoicing in the warmth of its soft caress.

“Kalista!” a voice behind her rang out, abruptly interrupting her.

She turned around to see a young boy making his way quickly through the deck, dodging the sailors as they went about their work. By the time he finally reached her, his breaths were quick and shallow; exhausted by the effort he had just undertaken.

“What is it Jaziun?” replied Kalista quite curtly, unhappy by the rude interruption he had caused.

Finally recovered enough to speak, Jaziun straightened out from where he had been bent over trying to catch his breath.

“Mum says we are almost at the Feral Isles. She wants you to be down in the bulge in a few minutes so that we can all be ready before we dock.”

“Get a grip Jaziun. We aren’t going to dock by the end of today, let alone even tomorrow. Can you not see how far away the Feral Isles are in the distance over there?” she remarked as she pointed a single finger to the faint islands on the horizon.

“Captain Fortune says we have a strong north westerly wind behind us. Captain Fortune says that the Conqueror’s Sea often creates very strong winds that blow ships very fast to their destination.” He paused to take a deep breath, before resuming his speedy monologue. “Captain Fortune also says that that’s why it’s called the Conqueror’s Sea; ’cause back in the old days lots of people from the Burian Kingdom in the Feral Isles sailed across this very sea and claimed the lands of Shurima, Urtistan and even Kaladoun, as their own. Captain Fortu-”

“Jaziun!” exhaled Kalista, clenching her fists tight and trying not to shout at him “Please….. Please, stop talking.”

Slowly stretching out her clenched fingers, she resumed.

“You can tell Mum that I will be down there in just a minute.”

Openly surprised by his sister’s frustrated reaction, Jaziun turned and quickly hurried away the way that he had came. Kalista turned back to the bowsprit after he had finally disappeared from sight, and took it all in one last time.

The gentle rocking of the waves.

The creaking of the ship as the wind continued to fill her sails.

The sound of the sailors being ordered here, there and everywhere.

The gentle marriage of sky and water as the sea and clouds faded into one at the edge of the horizon.

The Feral Isles slowly becoming more and more visible.

A chill ran down her spine as she looked closer and closer at the ever increasing isles. Whatever those isles hold will now be our future, she couldn’t help think. Chased from our homeland and into the embrace of a strange land which is now all that remains of the once proud and powerful Burian Kingdom. May the Ascendants take pity on us and protect all of us. Myself, my mother and my brother.

Letting out one final deep sigh, she turned around and began to walk away; leaving the ship’s bowsprit finally without an occupant.

Words Haiku


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Words, words, words

Prose. Grammar. Sentence structure

Blogs. WordPress. Wattpad


So many things to remember

So many places to post

Yet am I doing it for the love?


The love of writing

The love of creating new worlds

The love of creating imagination


Some days I do

Some days I don’t

Some days it’s like torture


Straining for the next word

The next plot twist

The next rhyming pattern


I know my writing isn’t phenomenal

Often average at best

Writing poems that should be laid to rest.


I’ll never be famous

But if I turn a single frown upside down

I guess it would have been worth it



So dear Internet stranger

I bid you farewell

May my words be more than just that.



Enemies and War

It’s almost like she wants war

And if she does the fighting will soon be on her door

Forcing it’s way in if she likes or not

Because war has many casualties

Friendship, interest,  love and enjoyment

But most important, peace.


For a while she will try to fight back

To continue the very thing she started

The very thing that I have patiently being enduring

Waiting for her to grow up and stop

But as the nights grew longer & the days shorter

My patience grew thin

And as she started hacking into me about missing part of a class

I decided there and then.


War had been declared

If that’s what she wanted, I would give it to her

I will wait patiently

Working away against her slowly

Doing the things she hates, precisely

Until in her frustration and her anger

She will realise the foolishness of her ways

And reminisce over those wasted days


Her anger would turn to sadness

As she realised what she had inevitably caused

Her tears would form a pool in which she sat

Wishing away about what if she could have just changed this

Or changed that.


And so I would win.

My victory still a victory

But empty and meaningless

As I had achieved nothing through this war,

Except to express my disgust at her even more.


Whatever fragments of our relationship would be dead,

Lying cold on the ground, bullet in the head.

Other friendships would limp away

Their injuries a result of being caught and forced into the crossfire

The crossfire between two who had once been friends

But were now enemies.

I Wish Most Days

I wish most days I didn’t know where we stand.

And yet sadly I do.

Struggling with all these feelings that course through me.

Each one about the same person. You.


You say that you don’t want a relationship at the moment

And I respect that.

You say that I am just a good friend to you

And I understand that.


But it doesn’t change the way I feel.

That ache in my gut when I see you run and hug someone that isn’t me.

 I wish I could honestly change how I feel about you.

Not that because you’re not worthy of my affection.

But to slowly fall head over heels for someone that isn’t interested.

Is the worst type of pain.


I hope as the days pass, and time flies on by.

That these feelings will fade and eventually die.

Because it is honestly better not to like anyone at all.

Then have your feelings not returned.


Maybe I am pinning & mourning

At the funeral of what I dreamed, hoped could be

Either way I just wish there was just some way you could understand

Without making it a funeral for our friendship.


Part of me wants to withdraw all together.

As every time you smile at me, I get a lump in my throat

Every time you laugh, I hear an angel’s symphony


I’m not trying to make you out a some perfect angel

Cause I know you’re not

I’m sure you take massive shits

And let out the most foul farts


But for some reason I am fine with that.

For some bloody reason I see everything about in a positive light

Like I am looking through tinted sunglasses


And as much as I want to take off those sunglasses

I can’t.


Is It Well With My Soul?

Is it well with my soul?

When troubles mount up and the skies grow dark, is it to the Lord whom I turn to for help?

When I hate what I see in the mirror

When I cry tears of pain

When I gasp mouthfuls of hurt

When the world comes crashing onto me

When I struggle with the apathy of not giving a damn


Do I turn to the Lord?

Is it well with my soul?


Every time I turn aside

Fapping to porn. Addictive games.

Each time looking a brief ride

To leave my responsibilities and my anxiety


Yet the more I do it.

The more hollow I become.

The longer I stare at that screen

The more I can see myself slipping away

Pixel by pixel


Not because I struggle with my horniness

Nor because I enjoy video games sometimes that I become enraptured in them.

It is because for that short amount of time

Or some days, a long amount of time

I no longer place the Lord as the most important in my life

Instead I replace him, in all his majesty, love, peace and patience

With something that should never be there.


So Lord God.

When the walls come crashing down.

When my friends forsake me

And my family hates me

May I always find refuge in your embrace

May it always be well with my soul


Not so that I can only lean on you in the hard times.

But through both the good and the bad

May the Lord my God, My Saviour.

Be the only thing in my life that I ever need. Ever want. Ever had.

All My Life I Have Wanted To Be In Love

All my life I have wanted to fall in love.

I love the desperation.

The honesty.

The vulnerability.

The love.

I have liked many a girl. I have even possibly come close to loving one.

Yet I never thought that this would happen.

I never thought I would fall out love.

I never thought that my feelings would sink away.

Each day a little more of the pool in my heart, drying up.

And as much as I hated the pain of knowing that my feelings for her were not returned.

The bittersweet pain of her not even thinking of me in more than just a friend.

I hate this more.

I no longer have no pain to cling desperately onto, like a drowning sailor.

My fingernails digging in with all might as my lifejacket is slowly wrenched from my grip.

As she slowly escapes the aspirations of my heart and dreams.

Instead I now stand at the shores of my heart.

Watching in the distance the beauty of the sea.

Yes, I still see the storms.

The waves.

The deadly currents and the sharks slowly circling.

But out there at least I had the occasional glimpse of hope.

Of rescue.

Of my lifejacket.

Of my aspirations.

Of her.

Instead I now stand here, the waves now crashing at my feet. The sand running between my toes.

I am trapped on a desert island.

Devoid of life.

Devoid of feelings.

But I want to care about her once again.

I want to slowly sink under the waves, with her almost within reach.

People Would Say


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People would say she is good looking.

I’d say she is breathtaking.

People would say she is just another person on a statistic.

I’d say that she invades my thoughts night and day.

People would say that her character is ordinary.

I’d say that her jokes make me laugh. Her mannerisms make me smile.

People would say that her passions are noble, but unrealistic.

I’d say that they inspire me to do more. To feel more.

People say that she is just another fish in the sea.

I’d say that she is the sea. Captivating. Mysterious. Exquisite.

People say that this is just puppy love.

I’d say that I don’t know. But whatever it is, I never want it to stop.

People say that you should hold back your feelings – “Wait till you’re older to have a relationship.”

I’d say ”How can one simply stop a tsunami?”


For that is what she has done to me.

She has crashed through my barriers.

Invaded my thoughts.

Maybe it is puppy love.

Maybe I should not be encouraging these feelings.

But to be honest, I don’t give a damn.


I just want to get to know her better.

I liked her far more than just a friend.


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Heart beating fast.

Memories of failures past.

Will I simply fail.

Or will I hopefully prevail.


The same question haunts me

The future, a scary open sea.

What will happen, I do not know.

But to fail to try is the foe.


And so I approach where she stands.

Her hair. Beautiful eyes. Soft hands.

My words freeze in my throat.

How can my words even begin to note


Her perfection. Her imperfection.

Both of which I love. Both of which have won my affection.

But at the end of the hour. At the end of the day.

I could use all the poetry in the world to simply say.


” I like you far more than just a friend.”